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Hello. I am an independent climate scientist, developing the interactive models SWIM and formerly JCM. Recent interests include 1.5C Warming Pathways, and Migration and Climate.

I have analysed sustainable equitable climate stabilisation pathways for 22 years, following earlier research on air-sea CO2 fluxes. I tried to bridge science-policy gaps, contributing to UNFCCC climate negotiations since COP2 (1996). I also tried to limit the climate impacts of my own lifestyle (challenging for global scientists). I have my home and family near Namur.

Earlier I worked at : ULouvain-TECLIM (Belgium- 9 yrs), IVIG-UFRJ (Rio, Brazil), Univ-Bern (Switz), OU Qingdao (China), DTU (Copen., Denmark), UNEP-GRIDA (Norway), UEA-ENV (Norwich England -7 yrs - PhD), Univ Edinburgh (Scotland - BSc).

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