Ben Matthews' Papers / Presentations

Organised by topics, newer first, but topic dates overlap
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Recent (Migration & 1.5C) | Brazil (IVIG) 2011 | Regional Pathways | Global Stabn <2C | Optimisn/Uncert | New Scenarios | Responsibility | Metrics | Aviation | JCM Concept | Climate Equity | Air-Sea CO2 fluxes | Other Cli-conf | Climate Engineering | Fluo Corals | EQ Life |

Recent : Conversion JCM to SWIM (introducing Scala.js web model )

Recent Work / Conferences (Migration and 1.5C)

Topic: Regional Emissions Pathways consistent with Global Climate Stabilisation

Presentations whilst working in IVIG-COPPE-UFRJ Brazil 2011 (work in progress)

Topic: Global climate stabilisation pathways to avoid 2°C (probabilistic analyses)

Topic: New Scenarios for scoping IPCC AR5 and future work of IPCC

Topic: Attribution of Relative Contributions to Climate Change

(UNFCCC Assessment of Scientific and Methodological Aspects of the "Brazilian" proposal)
including participation at expert meetings in Bracknell, Berlin, Louvain-la-Neuve (which I organised), Koeln 2006, Oslo 2007.

Topic: Contribution of Aviation Emissions to Climate Change

Topic: The concept of the interactive Java Climate Model

Topic: Equity in the global climate negotiations

I contributed to develop the "Contraction and Convergence" proposal with the team of the "Global Commons Institute" in 1995-6, especially at UNFCCC COP2:

Topic: The Rate of Air-Sea CO2 exchange: Chemical Enhancement and Catalysis by Marine Microalgae

Other general climate conferences during this period

Topic: The Risks of Climate Engineering

Topic: Fluorescence of Humic Acid Bands in Corals

Topic: Evaluating The Quantity of Life - Indicators of Environment and Development